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Originally aired
May 23, 2023

Changemaker Channel: Asia Wisecarver, Executive Director of Playworks PACNW

Play is a universal language that all kids understand — and it's one of the most important ways they can learn the social and emotional skills they'll use in the classroom, in life, and into adulthood.

​No one knows the power of play better than Asia Wisecarver, Executive Director of Playworks PACNW — a nonprofit working with schools to support healthy and inclusive play for all kids across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.

​Join us for this live fireside chat with Asia to learn about:

  • ​The power of play — for kids and adults
  • ​Why leveraging play requires a system change in schools
  • ​Playworks PACNW's innovative nonprofit model that supports partnerships across four vast states​


Asia Wisecarver
Asia Wisecarver
Executive Director, Playworks PACNW
Guest speaker
Asia Wisecarver
Serena Khader
Customer Success Manager, Field Day

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​In this series, we interview leaders of nonprofits on Field Day to learn about issues impacting our community, the work they're doing to address them, and how we all can get involved. Find upcoming events and watch past recordings at heyfieldday.com/events.

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