Our mission

We build intuitive technology that turns good intentions into action, empowering nonprofits to maximize their impact.

Our story

Elemental Technologies

Our story begins with our experience working at Elemental Technologies.

Community engagement was important to the team from an early stage, from leadership to employees – so we started getting involved with local nonprofits through volunteering together.
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The Elemental Community Investment Program

What started with a few ad hoc activities grew into ongoing relationships with 30+ local nonprofits – it turned into a program. A program that became a central piece of the culture and the employee experience.

The Elemental Community Investment Program didn’t just get employees out volunteering together. It engaged us, as people, in our community, created bonds within and across teams, and inspired new passions and creative ways of thinking.

Growing pains

The program was successful, but far from easy to operate. It took significant time and effort to figure out what was out there – let alone establish the connections, coordinate the events, and track the impact over time.

All this was done with a mix of scheduling software, emails, and spreadsheets. 

Field Day

And that’s why we started building Field Day in 2021: to remove barriers to getting started, to save time for those already running a program while simultaneously enabling it to scale their operations. All while prioritizing the nonprofit's experience when it comes to working with companies. Field Day is a single platform that brings together key elements of community engagement: discovery of activities, operations, tracking and reporting, and story-sharing.

Field Day (de)paves the way for you and your team to turn good intentions into action, leading to measurable impact.
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And beyond

We’ve seen firsthand that effective community engagement programs integrate into a culture through the employees, who individually benefit from each experience. This leads to the growth of teams and entire organizations.

We’re building Field Day to fuel a cycle of community engagement, forming connections that lift us all.

That means you're a part of this equation, too. We hope you join us.

Core values

We apply strong ethical principles to everything we do, because doing so is an investment that always outperforms. We move through our days with humility, respect, and empathy.
We drive hard towards our goals, but don’t take for granted that we get to do so together, every day, as a team. We trust the process, we believe in each other, and we don’t let the peaks get too high or the valleys too low along the way.
Diversity of experience drives creativity, and creativity drives innovation. That’s exactly what we aim to help unlock for our customers. We’re not perfect, but we’re intentional, seek a wide range of perspectives, and pay attention to the details. That’s the only way to deliver a best-in-class product.
Challenges facing our communities are not insurmountable, but it takes more than positive thinking. We need structures and systems. We're of the mind that every person wants to do their part, and we work to turn good intentions into action.
We empower individuals, flipping mindsets from “they should fix that” to “we can help fix that.” Not only do we give everybody a seat at the table, but we also set new tables, because that’s when impact occurs at scale. When we’re at our best, we let ourselves and others to take responsibility and tackle challenges together.

Core values

Equity and inclusion

We amplify the voices in our community that are leading work addressing inequity. As a workplace, we are focused on developing a culture that prioritizes equity and inclusion from day one.

We're a team of diverse personalities, perspectives, and experiences with a shared vision for community engagement. We're intentional about creating an environment where all employees feel empowered to be their authentic selves.

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