Nonprofit partner kit

Resources for current nonprofits on Field Day
Resources for those who are new to Field Day or need a refresher.
Are you a new volunteer manager at your nonprofit? Or, a partner who could use a refresher? Here are some ways we can help you get up to speed.
Watch short video tutorials
Learn the basics of setting up and using your nonprofit profile with short video tutorials. All videos are under a minute and a half.
Or, watch the entire playlist of videos through.
Schedule an onboarding meeting
For a quick orientation or training on how to use your Field Day profile, you can schedule a 30-minute call with Serena.
Website content
Ideas of how to connect your profile to your website's volunteering page.
Links in the sample text don't work. Replace them with the link to your profile!
Sample paragraph text
If your nonprofit offers community events and Field Trips with companies: 
Looking for group volunteer opportunities? Visit our profile on Field Day to see upcoming community events and volunteer activities we plan companies.
If your nonprofit only offers community events:
Looking to get involved on your own or with a group? Sign up to volunteer at upcoming community events on our Field Day profile.
If your nonprofit only offers Field Trips with companies: 
Looking for ways to get involved as a company? Visit our Field Day profile to see volunteer activities for corporate groups and start planning an event.
Corporate volunteering: To see volunteer activities for corporate groups and plan an event with us, visit our profile on Field Day.
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Other resources
A list of other relevant resources and pages.
Find the Field Day contact for your current need.
If your nonprofit already has a profile on Field Day, find your contacts in the following list. If you're unsure of who to email, please reach out to
Development: Eli Blackman, CEO
Support: Serena Khader, Customer Success Manager

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