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December 6, 2023

2023 Impact Wrapped: Your Team’s volunteering highlights

The new year is right around the corner! Here at Field Day, we're reflecting on all the positive impact that Teams on Field Day made together this year. This week, we rolled out our 2023 Impact Wrapped campaign to celebrate each Team's unique achievements.

With data collected on Field Day between January and November, your 2023 Impact Wrapped reveals the ways your Team got hands on with local nonprofits to support your local communities this year. 

Discover volunteering highlights

Take a look at your total impact, top cause area, standout nonprofit partnership, badges earned, and more.

Let your actions show your values

Less talk, just facts. Share your Team's values by sharing your 2023 Impact Wrapped, internally or externally.

Only on Field Day

Results are based on the community engagement activity of your Team on Field Day. Get it next year — get started on Field Day now!

Are you the owner of a Team on Field Day that volunteered in 2023? If so, your 2023 Impact Wrapped was delivered directly to your inbox. Share it out with your organization and on social media. (Members, find out who your Team owner is on your Team’s people tab.)

Field Day's 2023 Impact Wrapped  
(Get a closer look 🔍)

Your volunteering highlights 

Your 2023 Impact Wrapped includes: 

  • Total volunteer hours 
  • Total number of volunteers
  • Top cause area
  • Top nonprofit
  • Top volunteers 
  • Badges earned

A closer look at badges 

All badges awarded in 2023

Brand new badges were awarded to Teams based on their social impact data this year. (Our team had to sneak in some references to Portland, where Field Day was founded!) 

Trail blazer: Awarded to Teams who volunteered together on Field Day in 2022 – the year the platform became available to the public. 

Bigfoot: Awarded to the Teams who made the biggest social impact on Field Day.

Bridge city: Awarded to Teams whose impact bridged multiple cities.

Rose garden: Awarded to Teams who grew their impact by getting involved with more than one nonprofit. 

Writer: Awarded to Teams who got a Field Trip on the books by planning their own event with a nonprofit on Field Day. 

Carpool: Awarded to Teams who volunteered at a community event, working alongside other Teams and volunteers. 

Stumptown: Awarded to Teams whose members logged independent volunteer time. 

Impact: Awarded to Teams whose members swung into action, with an average of 2 or more volunteer hours per Team member.

Stay tuned for more stories from 2023 Impact Wrapped!

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