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December 21, 2023

Impact campaigns: unite your team through service

A month, week, or day of service is a great way to drive social impact while energizing and connecting your team. It also tells a great story of what can be accomplished when we come together. 

Today, we’re unveiling early access to an exciting new feature for Teams on Field Day: impact campaigns! This feature lets you unite your teammates for an impactful month, week, or day of service by centralizing campaign details and ways to participate. 

Just like upcoming and past volunteer events, impact campaigns are integrated seamlessly into your Team hub. You can customize your impact campaign with: 

Upcoming campaigns will appear on both your Team hub and your members’ homepages. When the campaign ends, you’ll have an archive of all that impact and engagement on the campaign page and in your reports. 

If you’re interested in using this feature, contact us for early access. Learn more about creating impact campaigns in the Support Center.

Get a preview of impact campaigns with the MLK Week of Service

MLK Week of Service | Jan 8-15, 2024 in Portland, OR

Get a feel of impact campaigns with Field Day’s MLK Week of Service. While your Team’s impact campaigns will only be accessible to your members (plus guests, if you allow them), we’ve made the MLK Week of Service open to all Teams and individual volunteers in the community. 

The MLK Week of Service offers opportunities to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy through service, with volunteer events happening from January 8-15, 2024 in Portland, OR. Get involved together by clicking “Volunteer as a Team” on any volunteer event.

Get involved in the MLK Week of Service →

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