Field Day HQ
May 25, 2023

Track independent volunteer time for the whole team

Back in March, we unveiled the Team hub — a new look and feel for Team profiles that improves the way members find upcoming events and look back on the impact they’ve made together. This came with a volunteering feed, which lets members see a timeline of volunteer activity, click through photos from events, and leave comments on a job well done. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that members can contribute their independent volunteer time to their Team’s volunteering feed and overall social impact.

This feature allows companies to: 

  • Track employees’ volunteer time off (VTO) 
  • Be more inclusive of remote employees in their volunteer programs
  • Gain a better understanding of the causes and nonprofits that employees are passionate about

With a deeper understanding of how your employees choose to give back their time, you can plan volunteer events and social impact initiatives that resonate the most with your people. Plus, including independent volunteer time in your Team's overall social impact builds a more robust story of your company's community engagement.

Enable independent volunteer time

Enable independent volunteer time in Team settings

Team owners and coordinators can enable independent volunteer time by going to their Team settings tab from their Team hub. Independent volunteer time can be automatically approved or require review by a Team owner or coordinator.

To learn more, see Track independent volunteer time in our Support Center.

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