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September 21, 2023

Team up for the 4K4Community: an opportunity for connection and impact

You may have seen our announcement of the 4K4Community, taking place in…under three weeks! Holy moly, that’s coming right up! If you haven’t already, we encourage you and your Team to register as we come together in support of nonprofits advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech and education. Come to participate in the run/walk, volunteer at the event, and check out the 15 partners that will be present at the nonprofit fair.

Team, you say? Yes, Team. The Team is a concept that is fundamental to Field Day. When you use Field Day to volunteer with folks at your company, you do so as a part of a Team. Heck, your Team doesn't need to be affiliated with a company at all. You’re a group of people, coming together with a joint purpose that benefits you and your community. 

And while the Field Day platform allows you to apply that to volunteering, it’s no different for the 4K4Community. In a working world where hybrid and remote models make it difficult for colleagues to connect as humans, readymade opportunities to gather become that much more important to engagement, belonging, wellbeing, and retention. Field Day helps to make those opportunities possible, with a common theme: it empowers teams to come together in support of nonprofits that are bettering the community in which we live. 

What happens when you sign up for an event as part of a Team? You can see who else is going. You can use your message board to coordinate with the group to take the lightrail/bus/streetcar/bike/walking/carpool/mode of transportation of choice together, or see who’s interested in an afterparty. You can share photos from the event with your team, and go back and grab those photos later. The real fun will be gathering for the event itself – Field Day just makes the coordination easier and the memories longer-lasting.

So here’s how you sign up as a Team!

  1. Sign in or sign up on Field Day. If you aren’t part of a Team yet, create a Team.
  2. Go to the 4K4Community event page and click Sign up as a Team
  3. Click Management options to create a Team invite link. Share that special link to allow others to sign up for the event as part of your Team.

If you have any questions about getting your Team involved, company or otherwise, reach out. We got you. See you out there.

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