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March 9, 2023

Team hubs: your Team profile redesigned

Written by
Catalin Wong

Team profiles on Field Day got a makeover! We’re excited to introduce the Team hub, including a brand new volunteering feed

This new look and feel lets Team members easily find and sign up for upcoming Field Trips – volunteer events for your Team – and look back on the impact they’ve made together. 

With the new volunteering feed, Teams on Field Day can: 

  • See a timeline of volunteer activity 
  • Click through photos from events
  • Leave comments on a job well done 
A look at the Team hub

The volunteering feed is part one of a new feature we’re currently piloting: independent Field Trips. This will let everyone on your Team log volunteer time they’ve done on their own, and it will appear in the volunteering feed and contribute to the Team’s overall volunteer stats and reporting. (Yup, that means remote employee volunteer tracking!) 

Volunteering feeds are available to all Teams now, and independent Field Trips will launch for everyone in the coming months. Want to track volunteer time with independent Field Trips now? Get early access by emailing

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