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October 11, 2022

New: Manage public volunteer events on Field Day

With the recent launch of Field Day to the public, we’re excited to share that nonprofits can now use Field Day as a tool to publish and manage their public volunteer events, in addition to events with companies (for free!). That means all your volunteer event reporting can be tracked for you in one place. 

Not only do event pages centralize volunteer information and track your signups – it also has features that reduce the likelihood of no-shows, make communication between you and volunteers easy, and deliver accurate event reporting. 

We’re approaching public events in two stages: this first stage is focused on saving nonprofits time through easy-to-use event management tools, and the next stage will focus on helping you get discovered – where it’ll be easy for anyone to find upcoming public events in their community, across all nonprofits. 

For now, you can drive traffic to their events by sharing a link to their profile and event pages to their website’s volunteer page, event calendar, social media, and mailing lists. 

Event page features

On event pages, volunteers can: 

  • See event information
  • Register to volunteer or join waitlist
  • Add to calendar
  • See registration list 
  • Send messages
  • Share photos**
  • Provide feedback

Registered volunteers are sent email notifications for: 

  • Reminders leading up to the event
  • Any announcements you make on the message board 
  • A call to upload photos and provide feedback after the event

**When volunteers share photos to the event page, you can crowdsource content for your nonprofit’s social media. They’ll all be stored on the event pages, which anyone from your nonprofit (like your communications manager) can get to from your ‘past events.’

[video-to-gif output image]
A new public volunteer event with Community Warehouse – register for Linen Sorting on 10/15!

Tracking and reporting 

During or after the event, your point of contact can edit the registration list to ensure accurate attendee reporting. All your event data is aggregated and stored on your nonprofit profile’s dashboard, so you can easily grab it for program reporting or grant proposals when you need them. 

On your dashboard, you can see:

  • YTD overview of volunteer events, including the total number of events, total volunteer hours, and number of unique volunteers
  • Quick view of your next and most recent event, including slots left or survey response rate
  • Event reporting for both public events and Field Trips (Team events)
  • And more!

Get started

All nonprofit profile owners and coordinators can create public events from your ‘events’ pages. If you need any help, visit our Support Center.

If your nonprofit isn’t on Field Day yet, check your eligibility to create a profile and we’ll get in touch. Learn more Field Day’s corporate development and event management capabilities at

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