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June 8, 2022

New: Coordinate team volunteer events with Field Trip plans

Written by
Catalin Wong

Employee events play a big role in shifting company culture, engaging individuals outside of their direct team. And we at Field Day have seen firsthand that volunteer events with nonprofits create more meaningful, inclusive bonds than any pizza party or happy hour on its own.

But as a former EA, let me tell you: for every great employee event, it takes several times more hours behind the scenes to pull it off. So when other responsibilities ramp up and you don’t have someone on employee events full-time, they tend not to happen.

To address the administrative burden, we’re excited to announce Field Trip plans – a new feature on Field Day that streamlines event planning between companies and nonprofits, helping teams get together and volunteer more often.

Reducing time to get from discovery to scheduled event

Over 30 nonprofits local to Portland have listed a total of 50+ group volunteer activities as available for companies to get involved with. Each activity page has information that helps Teams narrow their search, like volunteer capacity, hosting location, available days of the week, and more.

Now, Teams can find the new “Plan a Field Trip” button on activity pages. Clicking it will let them fill out details to send a request. Submitting the request will begin a plan with the nonprofit, where nonprofit and Team can use proposals and messages to coordinate an event.

When a Team accepts a nonprofit’s time and date proposal, an event page is automatically created. The nonprofit publishes the event, and boom! All the Team's members are notified of a new Field Trip and can start registering.

Field Trip plans get rid of much of the waiting and back-and-forth we see in email threads, with complete information and clear next steps. At the same time, they encourage the human touch that builds relationships between companies and nonprofits.

Learn more about Field Trip plans, including permission levels and notifications, in our in-depth guides for Teams and nonprofits.

Get started with Field Trip plans

For companies and teams already participating in Field Day’s private beta: kick off your next Field Trip plan by submitting a request on any activity page.

Learn more about joining our beta program to start your Field Trip plans and get your team volunteering together.

Ready to get started?

Companies and teams build community at work with employee volunteer programs that run on Field Day.

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