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September 21, 2022

Introducing Field Day, the community engagement platform

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Field Day, starting in Portland. 

The community engagement platform

Field Day is a community engagement platform where companies and teams can engage with local nonprofits and bring their employees together through volunteering. It tackles three common obstacles to creating successful, sustainable programs, and centralizes the solution in one place:

  1. Discovery of nonprofits and their volunteer opportunities
  2. Time-consuming logistics and coordination efforts
  3. Powerful data aggregation and the ability to report, share, and celebrate partnerships and collective impact

These components work together to connect people and nonprofits in a way that leads to ongoing, durable relationships. Because when people are active together in the community, they’re more fulfilled, they continue to learn, and they work together with a joint purpose – all while making their community better. It has a ripple effect in work, relationships, and lives as a whole. 

Today's launch

For the last six months, we ran our beta to learn and gain feedback from our customers and 40+ nonprofit partners. And today, we're onto the next phase. Field Day is now available for companies and teams to connect with local nonprofits in their community. See how companies like Zapproved, Lytics, and NW Staffing are already using Field Day.

Maybe you’re at a company looking to revitalize its employee programs after a couple years of significant transition. Maybe you’re an HR leader looking to make your volunteer time off benefit more accessible and backed by data and stories. Maybe you’re part of a team looking for meaningful ways to build connection. Field Day reduces the time and cost to build and operate these programs for your team or company, no matter how big or small.

While we are starting in Portland, we’re putting the systems in place to bring Field Day to other local communities. It’s early days for Field Day, and that’s just fine. We’re in this for the long haul. 

So come on in, but don’t stay awhile. Create a Team, bring in your people, connect with a nonprofit, schedule an event, and get out. We want you to get off the platform and get connected in your community.

And if you’re part of a nonprofit, learn more about Field Day and take a few minutes to get your nonprofit profile started, for free. See how nonprofits like Transition Projects, Lan Su Chinese Garden, and Community Warehouse are using Field Day today.

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