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December 17, 2021

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the Field Day blog!

We’re starting this thing off with a couple pieces of news to share this morning: we’re rolling into a private beta of the Field Day platform, and we also closed our initial round of funding. Both are instrumental as we lay the foundation for what’s to come for our fledgling company.  

Give the announcement a read, and if it piques your interest as a company or nonprofit, please reach out, especially if you have a presence in the Portland metro area, our focus for beta.

As for the funding news, first, a huge thank you to each and every investor for their belief in the team and our vision. We are honored to have lead the round. They, along with Voyager Capital, Cascade Seed Fund, and our angel investors, have given us crucial feedback over the past few months to get us to this point, and will help us grow going forward. Make no mistake, we’re first timers here. There’s a lot of stuff we don’t know--an unknown amount, actually! So having folks in our corner to guide us will be incredibly valuable.

Here’s what you can expect to find on the Field Day blog:

  1. Nonprofit spotlights: highlighting the work nonprofits are doing in local communities
  2. Customer stories: how employers are leveraging Field Day in meaningful ways
  3. Technical posts: challenges and insights from the engineering team as we continue to build out the platform 
  4. Best practices and learnings we unearth during our journey
  5. Company announcements, of course

Lastly, I wanted to share a photo from a food packing event we did at Oregon Food Bank this week. As you can imagine, OFB has had to step up in a monumental way throughout the pandemic. We packed carrots--both “juice” and “sweet” varieties, apparently. Get a load of this one (that’s an adult hand and second standard-to-large carrot for reference).

Frighteningly large carrot packed during Oregon Food Bank event, December 2021.

We're building Field Day to facilitate activities just like this one. Taking a few hours out of a hectic week to step away from the emails and the meetings and the whiteboards and the video calls to get involved with a nonprofit in your backyard. It’s an investment in the community, and in the people that make up that community. It takes all of us, and that's why Field Day's first customer is Field Day. We can’t wait for you to join us.

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