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December 20, 2022

Embracing Field Day’s vision and philosophy

We're excited to introduce the newest team member of the Field Day team. Please join us in welcoming Kiersten Ware, VP of Market Development! In her own words: 

I am beyond excited to be joining  in our mission to bring employers and nonprofits together, leading to healthier individuals, teams, and communities. And I love that we're doing it by building intuitive technology that turns good intentions into action. 

Field Day’s vision of community engagement becoming a widely shared core value practiced by individuals and organizations aligns succinctly with my purpose-led professional path, values, and ideals. 

Throughout my career, I've focused on creative community solutions that promote health, social connection, and community engagement. In my time working as a nonprofit leader, I spent 21 years with organizations that accomplished their missions through volunteer-based programming. Nonprofits that utilize volunteers have unique advantages: increased capacity to carry out their mission, greater awareness of their cause, and an extended network of connections throughout the community via the volunteers who understand the importance of their work.

A little fragrance always clings to the hand that gives the roses.”

In my past experience, I founded ElderFriends, a friendly visitor program, and served as the Executive Director of Store to Door, an affordable, personal, grocery shopping and delivery service. In those organizations, we emphasized the philosophy that clients receiving services were not the only folks benefitting from the exchange. We recognized and valued the time volunteers gave, and how it impacted the target population in terms of service delivery and outcomes. At the same time, we acknowledged the multitude of benefits volunteers received by participating. 

The impact of volunteering goes beyond the individual lives of participants – it ripples outward, scaling impact throughout the community. What starts as an opportunity to engage as individuals extends to the volunteer team as they build and deepen their relationships with one another and their company. This leads to companies realizing more engaged employees, improved retention, and a company culture that attracts people with shared core values. 

That engagement from companies and their teams carries forward to the nonprofits they partner with. Nonprofits benefit by maximizing their impact and expanding their network of support by building partnerships with these companies with a local presence. As the saying goes, “A rising tide raises all boats” – our collective community is elevated by these actions happening across the greater community. 

I am inspired and enthused when I hear the testimonials from companies who are meaningfully engaging their employees in the community, like Zapproved, Lytics, and NW Staffing. We’re honored that Field Day can serve as a connector between local companies and our 50+ nonprofit partners, who address unmet needs in our society while demonstrating social responsibility. And our momentum is growing — Field Day is available for companies and teams looking to make their company values actionable and impactful.

Learn more about our values and careers at Field Day. Or, get in touch — we’re always looking to connect with people who share our vision of a healthy, engaged society.

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