Field Day for companies

Build a program that drives employee engagement 

Increase engagement rates with meaningful ways to connect employees to your values and to each other. Use sophisticated tracking and reporting to measure success. 


Program support

  • Manage team volunteer events, impact campaigns, volunteer time, donation matching, and volunteer grants in one place
  • Build a central hub for volunteering and giving at your company, making it easy for employees to participate
  • Get custom support and resources, including tailored recommendations and engagement strategies

Event coordination

  • Create event pages to centralize event details, registrations, announcements and questions, and photos
  • Simplify coordination by automating processes around calendar invitations, event reminders, and more
  • Discover volunteer activities and plan events directly with nonprofits in live metro regions on Field Day

Tracking and reporting

  • Gain a holistic and accurate view of total social impact contributed by employees at your company
  • Gather photos, survey responses, and statements of impact from nonprofits following volunteer events
  • Identify employee engagement trends using participant metrics

Key features

What employees are saying

We surveyed employees who participated in their company's volunteer program on Field Day during 2022 and 2023.


say volunteering together is better than other teambuilding activities


say volunteering contributes to their overall job satisfaction


believe their company cares about positively impacting their community


“Transitioning to remote-first highlighted a need to revitalize our community programs. Field Day has made that seamless for us.”
Susy Dunn
Chief of Staff
“Volunteer programs are a great way to engage employees and build community, and Field Day takes the legwork out of it.”
Catherine Park
Head of People
“We believe it's important to share our values and what we stand for with our customers and our community. Field Day makes that really easy.”
Jennie Taylor
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