A.Vogel Canada

The Situation

A.Vogel develops herbal remedies (phytopharmaceuticals) and food supplements that incorporate fresh plant products. Their product line includes cold and flu remedies, prostate and menopause treatments, and herb-infused sea salt.

Field Day first partnered with A.Vogel Canada to develop positioning and creative for their Prostate 1 and Menopause products. In 2017 A.Vogel approached Field Day to develop a creative campaign for Echinaforce, their sore throat treatment.

The Strategy

Most consumers rely on traditional pharmaceutical cold and flu remedies such as sore throat lozenges or fever/pain tablets. Field Day's research showed that our target consumer was willing to try natural remedies but needed to trust that they would be effective. Clinical research is crucial to building trust.

The communication strategy focused on two key areas: raising general awareness and offering factual clinical data. Our goal was to increase brand recall through a humorous and memorable creative concept. Field Day's concept played on a modern scenario that the target consumer could relate to: our reliance on texting to communication.

Field Day's in-house team produced a TV commercial within a very short period of time and on a very small production budget. Our team also developed the social content strategy and creative for A.Vogel's owned social channels. The Canadian campaign was so successful that other A.Vogel international divisions, including Finland, adapted the spot for their countries.

What We Did:

Brand Positioning

Product tagline and messaging.

In-House TV Production

Script development, storyboards and animatics, casting, location scouting, production and post-production.

Social Content

Content strategy and creative for owned social channels.