The Situation

The Aga Khan Museum opened in Toronto in September 2014. Its aim is to offer unique insights and new perspectives into Islamic civilizations and the cultural threads that bind us all together. The Aga Khan Museum is truly one of a kind. The Museum’s architecture, gardens, permanent collection, exhibitions, performing arts, educational programs, restaurant and shop all set it apart – not only within the GTA but throughout the world. Field Day was asked to develop strategies, positioning and tactical outreach initiatives for the Museum’s exhibitions.

The Strategy

Our intent was to build intrigue and pique curiosity by spinning intriguing stories about each exhibition – from intimate stories about the artists who created the works, to sweeping, epic stories about world travel and the intertwining of cultures. We targeted multiple audiences including “cultural believers” (those with a pre-existing affinity for museums, galleries, history, and world cultures), “event goers” (those with an affinity for ‘must see’ attractions or who are attracted to new and trend-setting destinations) and geo-targeted communities (based on the content of the exhibition).

What we did:


Development of intriguing messaging for each major exhibition in 2014/15.


Design of visually compelling advertising and collateral including print, digital and out-of-home.


Development of attention-getting outreach tactics that effectively engaged our target audiences.

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