The Making of a Sports Franchise Logo

What’s it take to design a logo for a sports franchise, especially a team as iconic as the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Here’s a little insight into the process: a #TBT to that time in 2002 when our Creative Director, Sandy Zita, developed the Toronto Maple Leafs 75th Anniversary logo.

It started with a series of quick pencil concepts followed by tighter pencil drawings, and then computer renderings. Many computer renderings.

While the 75th Anniversary logo only had a public lifespan of one year it was still a top priority project for the team. It would be highly visible (in fact it was embedded at centre ice at the Air Canada Centre for the entire season) and consequently, everyone from the marketing department to MLSE senior management had a vested interest in the outcome. As did we. Of course, when dozens of people are involved you get dozens of opinions. Kudos to the MLSE marketing team – and especially to Marc Leblanc – for keeping everyone in line and for keeping a level head throughout the process.

We didn’t quite make it to 75 different versions of the 75th logo. But you can see all 66 iterations in 37 seconds by watching our “making of” video.

Andrew Arntfield, President, Field Day Inc.

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