Andrew Arntfield

Launched Field Day in October 1989.

Andrew knows first-hand how the arts & entertainment can inform and transform lives. Prior to launching Field Day, Andrew studied Radio & Television Arts at Ryerson Polytechnic University and then spent 15 years as a professional musician during which time he recorded three albums with a Juno Award-winning singer and performed in concert venues across North America. He is also an accomplished fine artist and he has been commissioned to produce numerous oil portraits, some of which may be seen on his personal website: He also recently produced and directed a feature-length documentary on the Ontario gold rush of the 1920s.

“Our work is grounded in consumer research & analysis,” says Arntfield. “But effective branding and creative also requires empathy. We understand what makes people tick – how they think and work, what motivates them – and as a result, our work is truthful and relevant. It resonates with consumers and helps to build relationships with the brand.

“Arts, sports & entertainment affect people on so many levels: physically, intellectually and emotionally. A great performance – whether it’s on the stage or on a playing field – can open your mind to new ideas and possibilities, provoke intense emotions, and lift you out of your seat. It can give greater context to your own experiences.”

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