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Marketing and esports: What you need to know

The esports Ecosystem

Esports is “the next big thing”… or so we’ve been told. According to Deloitte, $4.5B USD was invested in esports in 2018 alone. Esports is not without complexity and issues, but it also has the potential to become one of the most important entertainment platforms. What is it, how does it work, and how can marketers leverage it?

What does esports stand for?

Esports is the competitive practice of video games.

Esports word

The value chain of esports

Esports publishers, teams, athletes, broadcasters and streamers all share a common goal in esports: they want to engage the fans.

Esports publishers use their large R&D budgets to develop and maintain games. They create the games and own the intellectual property, which is the main difference with traditional sports such as the NBA, MLB or NFL where the club owners control the leagues. Esports games vary widely, from sport simulation to first-personal shooter. These games can be played with smartphones, desktop PCs or gaming consoles.

Esports events also vary widely, from local competitions to worldwide events that can fill stadiums. Like traditional sports, fans who attend games in person get to see performances by the most elite esports athletes. Click here to see the biggest event in esports in 2019.

Today, esports teams and individual athletes are viewed as professional as in any other sport and are gaining huge followings with fans.

Broadcasters and streamers create esports content for their online communities through platforms such as Twitch or Mixer, playing the game on their own or commenting someone else’s play. These broadcasters and streamers have also generated loyal esports followers.

Whether you are a food brand, a sports apparel company, or another brand that hopes to attract a young, digitally engaged audience, esports represents a growing and attractive opportunity.