Natural health products and the gender gap

Who is most likely to be attracted to natural products and why? The answers can help you to shape your marketing message.

Field Day recently conducted a study of Ontario adults to better understand their attitudes and opinions about natural health products. The study made it clear that females have a far greater affinity for natural remedies than males.

In one question we asked “Would you purchase a natural product that treated the same conditions as a pharmaceutical product?”

Half of all males surveyed said that they don’t believe that natural remedies were as effective as pharmaceuticals, while less than a quarter of females held this belief.

Females are far more likely than males to trust the recommendations of family or friends, and they are twice as likely as males to consider natural products a lifestyle choice.

Meanwhile, males are more skeptical of natural products and are therefore more likely to be influenced by statistical or factual information about the effectiveness of the product.

There is a clear opportunity for natural health brands to grow their market by understanding and appealing to the attitudes and biases of male consumers. Brands can tailor their messaging to convey the efficacy of their products, especially if the information is from a trusted source such as Health Canada.



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