Make mobile part of your QSR strategy

The rapid pace of technological innovation combined with Millennials’ ease in adapting to these changes is transforming the Quick Service Restaurant landscape. According to a recent Nielsen study, Millennials are the biggest smartphone users, and they are also the generation that eat out the most – five times a week on average. If you want to drive traffic to your QSR in 2019, it’s vital for your brand to be seen on mobile devices. Let’s look at 3 key components to a successful mobile strategy:

Leverage your mobile marketing

According to IPSOS, 53% of individuals are likely to taking pictures of their food and post to Facebook, Instagram and other social media. This “earned” media exposure is the most powerful form of marketing because positive word of mouth and the recommendations of friends have the greatest influence on a person’s QSR choice. But don’t take a passive approach to “earned” media. You need to actively encourage your customers to post pictures of their meal, write reviews and otherwise engage with your brand on social platforms.

Another way to enhance your mobile visibility is to focus your “paid” advertising efforts on mobile devices. For example, when a consumer is looking for a nearby restaurant, you could place a Google Ad for the keyword phrase “restaurants near me” using geo-targeting and mobile-only targeting. Many people make their lunch or dinner decisions by searching online, so make sure you will be the one they see first.

Make mobile ordering a priority

Mobile is the fastest growing pre-order delivery or pickup system (with 33% of all pre-orders) and is still on the rise. As operators, you need to ensure you are in the game to tap into the current demand and to lure new customers. You must consider and analyze what is best for your business: should you utilize the services of third-party services like Skip the Dishes or should you build your own mobile ordering platform for pickup and delivery? Existing delivery platforms will take a hefty cut off the top of each order, so you will likely have to charge your customers more if they order via a third-party service. On the other hand, your Point of Sale system provider may have already developed a mobile solution that can be customized with your branding. In any case, determine which solution will deliver the greatest ROI and go after the mobile ordering market.

Set up mobile payments

While cash is, surprisingly, still the main method or purchase, mobile payment is on the rise among Millennials, increasing by 15% between 2017 and 2018. By setting up mobile payment such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, you allow customers to pay quickly and easily on their phone either prior to arrival at your restaurant or in store. It also demonstrates to your customers your ability to adapt your business to their current needs.

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