Where are you spending your precious media dollars in 2017? The odds are you’re at least a few years behind current consumer media trends.

Marketers are traditionally slow to keep up with changes in marketing channel trends and fear is often the reason. The marketing department is often the scapegoat when sales are down, so marketers are risk adverse. It may be obvious that media consumption continues to swing sharply to online and mobile, but it’s tough for marketers to make the shift from tried and true channels.

But the fact is that consumption of traditional media continues to decline, digital continues to increase, and marketing spend hasn’t kept pace with the change.

Field Day’s annual study of entertainment, sports, and cultural trends clearly shows the divide between traditional and digital media. We asked nearly 2,000 Southern Ontario adults to identify the media they use to learn about events, sports, and destinations.

The results are eye-opening. Print media have very little influence, especially with Millennials, while the impact of social media and online advertising is strong across all generations. Here’s a sample from the report:


You can view the full version of Field Day’s media usage chart here.

A 2017 report by KPCB contrasts media consumption with marketing spend and it clearly shows that marketers are behind the times. Consumers spend 4% of their time consumer print media, but it comprises 12% of advertising spending. Meanwhile, advertisers have fallen behind on their mobile spend: consumers spend 28% of their time on mobile vs. 21% of advertising spend.


The KPCB report doesn’t differentiate consumers by age. Based on the demographics in Field Day’s study, it’s clear that the divide between print and mobile consumption would be far greater with Millennials.

For destination, sports, and cultural organizations that are eager to woo Millennials, the time is now to make an even deeper commitment to mobile marketing and content development. There’s no risk and only reward.

Andrew Arntfield, President, Field Day Inc.

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