Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z brings a unique perspective to consumerism. Instead of a silver spoon in their mouths, Gen Z is the first generation to be born with a mobile phone in their hands.

Businesses must rethink how they deliver value to the Generation Z, rethinking scale and mass production in order to focus on personalization. They must act on ethical issues that impact their products and services.

Don’t expect to reach Gen Zers with traditional marketing and advertising methods. Brands need to adapt their channels, messaging and sometimes their offering. McKinsey describes Gen Zers as Communaholic. “Gen Zers are radically inclusive. They don’t distinguish between friends they meet online and friends in the physical world. They continually flow between communities that promote their causes by exploiting the high level of mobilization technology makes possible.” This sense of community leads to great opportunities for brands. Here is how you can get into it:

1. Understand their motivations

When you set up your marketing campaign, be sure to understand Gen Z’s attitudes towards your industry in general and your brand in particular. Are there ethical issues related to your business or industry, and have you made your view on them clear? You need to address the elephant in the room. More than previous generations, Gen Zers understand that no business is perfect, so ensure you develop strategies to start the dialogue.

2. Be where they are

Mass marketing isn’t the solution. Spend time understanding where Gen Z spends their time and strategize around it. You will have to engage a wide range of potentially narrow, specialized communities. You could set up a Tik Tok campaign, sponsor an Esports event, co-create a Youtube campaign with content creators, etc.

3. Be bold

While most of us have increasingly short attention spans, it’s especially true of Gen Z. You will have to be unique and bold to stand out. Take a stand, not just with your message but with your creative approach. Give Gen Z something they’ve never seen before. Surprise them. If you do, the opportunities are endless.

As we noted in our previous article, Generation Z may not yet have the greatest purchasing power, but brands must work to build deep connections with them now, in order to stay relevant and competitive in the future.

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