QSR’s: It’s the experience that counts

Why do people choose one Quick Service Restaurant chain over another? What influences their QSR choices, and how can you use that information to attract more customers?

Field Day conducts an annual study of 2,000 Southern Ontario residents to better understand their QSR decision-making.

What factors have the most influence on consumer QSR choice? We asked respondents to rank 17 different attributes.

The food quality had the greatest influence, especially the “taste of the food” (ranked 1st) and “freshness of the food” (ranked 2nd).

Close behind, though, were factors related to the restaurant experience: “cleanliness of the restaurant” (3rd) and “quality of the service” (6th).

The least influential factors were marketing-related: the restaurant’s “advertising/marketing” (16th) and “special offers via social media” (15th).

Price was not a deal-breaker for consumers: it ranked right in the middle of the results.

The takeaway is that the entire customer experience is key to a QSR’s success, including both the food and the overall experience. If the food quality is good – hot, flavourful, well-prepared, and properly served – it will win over customers. But if your customer service or the cleanliness of your restaurant leaves a bad taste in the mouths of your customers, it can and will negate the care and effort you put into your food.

Get the experience right and make sure it’s consistent from day to day, and from location to location.

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