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Every arts and sports marketer I’ve spoken to has a common challenge: increasing attendance with an ever-decreasing media budget. The solution is in targeting: clearly defining who your ideal customer is and where to find them.

The data collected via CRM systems can help marketers to build demographic profiles of their target customers, and media buyers can analyze online behaviour patterns and psychographic data to target like-minded (or “lookalike”) consumers.

While this answers the WHO part of the equation, it doesn’t define the WHERE.

Where do your target customers go, and which media options do they rely on, to learn about your programming?

Field Day’s 5th annual study of entertainment attendance reveals some surprising answers – and the results can be used to craft the most effective media mix to reach your audience.

The study doesn’t rank total usage of each medium, but instead examines more meaningful data: the media consumers use as sources of information about events and destination.

A key takeaway of the study is that no single medium dominates, and marketers need to develop a healthy mix of tactics to maximize their reach.

The three most popular sources of information are “word of mouth”, “online news articles” and Facebook, which indicates that consumers are more likely to trust third-party (and presumably more objective) sources than the attraction’s own marketing.

The most popular source of information across all ages is “word of mouth” with approximately 50% of all respondents in all age groups selecting it.

There are clear patterns – and big differences – in media use based on age.

Facebook dominates with consumers under the age of 55, and especially so with those aged 18-34.

Meanwhile, reliance on print media, direct mail and email drops off dramatically with younger consumers.

Our infographic shows the 12 most popular media and how their usage differs by age group. This infographic is a sneak peek at one result from Field Day’s 5th Annual Toronto Entertainment Survey. The full report will be released in the coming weeks, and the Executive Summary will be available for free download on our website.

Download the Media Usage Infographic

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