Leah Rose

Iíve been hearing it for years. I get it, Iím short.

Besides the short comments, us petite folk who fall below the height of 5 feet are faced with hurdles Ė tall ones. However, this shouldnít stop us from carrying out everyday tasks, specifically in the workplace. Not every work environment is built for the vertically challenged, especially at my office. The thoughtful contractors and architects who created Field Day most likely came from a long line of Amazonians with excessively large physiques and didnít know any better, so I canít blame them.

Here at Field Day, the employees care about each other and we will do whatever we can to facilitate each otherís adversities.

At a soaring height of 6 foot 3, fellow co-worker Sandy Zita has some issues in the workplace as well. Low cupboards inhibit him from reaching items near to the ground and his large hands hold him back from reaching into small areas. Luckily, we work together as a team to facilitate each otherís adversities. Itís a win-win!

When Sandy is busy, I use my reaching apparatus to grasp my favorite mug. This handy tool can be used to grab everyday items that are out of reach, such as Wite-Out, glue sticks, or even to pull down window shades. Another helpful tool is a standard cardboard box for that awkward space between the floor and my feet when sitting in office chairs around the boardroom table. Simple and very cheap, these tools can be found at your local dollar store and/or office-recycling bin.

So how can we start this revolution? By working together! When you ask? Lets start now! Come one come all, short or tall, and join me to break down the vertical barriers we come cross in the workplace!

We are a movement, a tribe, a stampede and we will not let countertops, cupboards, and vertically unfriendly office spaces get in our way!

Leah a.k.a Shorty



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