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It's Tinker Time! was our 2006 holiday treat to our clients, suppliers and friends. We wanted to do something different, something memorable, something that evoked the innocent joy of the season. The response was enthusiastic: "This is the best gift I've received!" was heard more than once. (OK, maybe twice.)

But it was more than a gift. It was also a creative challenge. The verse on the back of the It's Tinker Time! package explains it best:

We’ve given you a gift
to exercise your thinker.
With rods and spools and pulleys,
it’s easy for you to tinker.

We’d like for you to take a moment,
or maybe take fifteen,
and build what you can build
just by using your old bean.

When you’ve grown weary
and your fun begins to wane,
just pull apart your work
and tinker all over again!

When you feel satisfied
your tinker’s looking fine,
please email us a picture
and we’ll put it up online.

Don’t forget to tell us
exactly what you’ve made.
A plane? A boat? A turkey?
A Tinker Time lampshade?

We ask you this above all else,
before we have to run:
build what you can build.
Remember it’s all in fun!

Oh... and one more thing before we go,
one final thing to say.
You can use what’s in your office
to supplement your play!

More entries will be added as we receive them, so return often. The winning entry will be announced in mid-January.

Kudos to Sandy Zita for the It's Tinker Time!" concept, design and copy writing, as well as to Michelle Devan and Leroy Danclar for their management and production wizardry.

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