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>>> February 24, 2002 >>> Day 16
hosts chris grosskurth

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Christopher Grosskurth
Radio News and Documentaries
In the late 1970s, Christopher Grosskurth was working as a television and radio reporter for the CBC in Sydney, Nova Scotia. It was the heyday of CBC Radio's Sunday Morning. Correspondents were weaving sound and voices to tell compelling in-depth stories from around the world.

In 1984, Grosskurth joined the program as a documentary producer. For the next ten years, he travelled across Canada and the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia to produce documentaries.

His awards include a gold medal at the International Radio Festival of New York. He and fellow Sunday Morning producer Karin Wells received the award for their look at post-civil war Lebanon, Welcome to Beirut.

During his stint at Sunday Morning, he contributed to two special series on CBC Radio: David Suzuki's It's a Matter of Survival and Jay Ingram's Cranial Pursuits.

In 1994, Grosskurth left radio to help set up Sunday Morning Live on CBC Newsworld. The following year, he returned to radio as foreign editor for CBC National News. His time on the desk included the ambitious India Day - a day of coverage on CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Two to mark the 50th anniversary of India's independence.

In 1998, he returned to the field as a national reporter. His primary responsibility is to produce short documentaries for the syndication branch of the news service. Since returning to the field, he's been involved in three investigation series: Japan in Transition, the Olympic scandal and the sexual abuse of boys in Cornwall, Ontario.

Chris Grosskurth has received two fellowships: in 1986, a Southam Fellowship at the University of Toronto and in 1993 an Asia-Pacific Fellowship.

1 GER 12 16 7
2 NOR 11 7 6
3 USA 10 13 11
4 RUS 6 6 4
5 CAN 6 3 8
6 FRA 4 5 2
7 ITA 4 4 4
8 FIN 4 4 4
9 NED 3 5 0
10 SUI 3 2 6

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